Potentia 50

HF 50W Amplifier 160M - 10M
The Potentia 50 is a 50W HF amplifier that runs off a 13.8VDC power supply.  It uses a pair of IRFZ24N finals in a push pull configuration and draws about 10A.  Covers 160M to 10M.  At least 50W from 160-15M then tappers off to around 30W on 12/10M.  Requires 3-5W input.

You will need to order the rest of the parts.  For your convenience digikey shopping cart links are provided here.  https://multussdr.groups.io/g/main/files/Potentia%2050/BOM
Total cost to complete build is around $230.00 depending on options selected.

Build instructions, Bill of materials and schematics are location on forum.

The options are based off the PCB set below:
Amplifier PCB
Shield PCB
End panel PCBs
Front and back enclosure bezel with recess for heat sink

The basic kit will come with the following additional items:
Heat sink with hardware
Toroids for LPF
Coax jumpers
Coax and wire for transformers/toroids
End panels screw set


Drill and tap Heat sink
Install SMD parts, cost of parts included
Assemble transformers
Full Kit includes everything needed to build Amplifier

Kits and assembly options could take up the 5 business day to fill order
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