Potentia 50

HF 50W Amplifier 160M - 10M
The Potentia 50 is a 50W HF amplifier that runs off a 13.8VDC power supply.  It uses a pair of IRFZ24N finals in a push pull configuration and draws about 10A.  Covers 160M to 10M.  At least 50W from 160-15M then tappers off to around 30W on 12/10M.  Requires 3-5W input.

You will need to order the rest of the parts.  For your convenience digikey shopping cart links are provided here.  https://multussdr.groups.io/g/main/files/Potentia%2050/BOM
Total cost to complete build is around $230.00 depending on options selected.

Build instructions, Bill of materials and schematics are location on forum.

The options are based off the PCB set below:
Amplifier PCB
Shield PCB
End panel PCBs
Front and back enclosure bezel with recess for heat sink

The basic kit will come with the following additional items:
Heat sink with hardware
Toroids for LPF
Coax jumpers
Coax and wire for transformers/toroids
End panels screw set


Drill and tap Heat sink
Install SMD parts, cost of parts included
Assemble transformers

Kits and assembly options could take up the 5 business day to fill order
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