Hello and Welcome to Multus SDR, LLC.

HF ham radio equipment simply costs too much. Multus SDR, LLC. fulfills the promise of SDR:

High performance at low cost. We do SDR the right way.

Multus SDR, LLC. offers a line of ham radio equipment at a very affordable price.

Our radio line up has been expanded to the following:

The Solidus Transceiver (160M-10M) can be built in 2 versions, 5W QRP or 100W QRO. Stand alone radio that uses a Proficio connected with an RPi for autonomous operation

The Proficio Transceiver (160M-10M, 5W) is the best value in ham radio transceivers

The Ultimus Transceiver (160M-10M, 5W) is a through hole parts version of the Proficio for those that want to build a complete radio

The Magnis Duo Transceiver (160M-10M, 5W) is an upgraded version of the Omnia basic dual band radio with plug in filter modules using mostly through hole parts

The Geminus Transceiver (2200M and 630M, 1W) is a dual band radio with mostly through hole parts

We believe our transceiver kits when used with our MSCC custom host application, is the easiest to use SDR transceiver available in amateur radio market.

Building, installing and using our transceiver is plug and play. There are no cumbersome and confusing configurations to deal with.

We offer the easiest to use SDR transceivers, period.

So, if you are a new comer to ham radio or an old timer who has been off the air, and want to enjoy the excitement of HF communications, please take a look at our products.

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The Multus SDR, LLC. Team