MIA (mWattmeter-III Interface Adapter)

Proficio to mWattmeter-III Communications Adapter.
The MIA (mWattmeter-III Interface Adapter) provides an interface between the mWattmeter-III and the Proficio transceiver. With this adapter, the transceiver will automatically set the mWattmeter-III to the proper band of operation.
Manually setting the mWattmeter-III band is eliminated.
A firmware update to the mWattmeter-III is required to support the MIA. This is accomplished by replacing the microprocessor in the mWattmeter-III that is included with the MIA kit.

NOTE: If the MIA is being ordered with the mWattmeter-III please select the "No Microprocessor" option below. The mWattmeter-III currently ships with the correct firmware. Also, if you currently own a mWattmeter-III and the firmware revision is 118.040 (or greater), the replacement microprocessor is not needed, select the "No Microprocessor" option below.

The MIA is sold as a kit and contains SMT devices.
Technical support and documentation is located at: Support
Please do not use this website to obtain technical support. Requests for technical support via this website will not receive a response.
NOTE: These kits are produced at time of order. There is a two day lead time before shipping the kit.

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