SMSG (S Meter Signal Generator)

S Meter Standard Reference
The SMSG (S Meter Signal Generator) is device that generates a selectable S9 or S4 signal in one of 4 selectable bands. The SMSG is useful for calibrating the S Meter of any receiver or transceiver. It is particularly useful for calibrating the S Meter of a SDR application such as HDSDR or GSDR and others.

Specifications: Output Impedance: 50
Output Level: S4:1.6uV (-103dBm), S9:50uV (-73dBm)
Amplitude Accuracy: S4: +/- 3dB, S9: +/- 3dB
Output Frequency: 80M (3.686MHz) +/- 30ppm
40M (7.040MHz) +/- 50ppm
30M (10.116MHz) +/- 30ppm
20M (14.050MHz) +/- 30ppm

The SMSG is sold as a kit and contains SMD devices. It is easy to build and will take about 2 hours for an experienced builder.

Technical support and documentation is located at: Support
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