50VDC Power Supply

50V supply built as 7.5A or 15A
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This power supply uses 1 or 2 Mean well LRS-350-48 power supplies to provide 7.5A or 15A with 2 supplies in parallel.  Front panel on the left has a 1A plug with 0-1A Panel meter for adjusting amplifier BIAS.  The center has a digital volt meter and ammeter with a 7.5/15A Power Pole plug.  The 1A side uses a rocker switch to enable or disable the 1A Panel meter.

Enclosure cooling is provided by 2 fans, one blowing in the other blowing out.  An off the shelf regulator is mounted to PCB that drops the 50V down to around 12V.  The voltage can be set to a quiet fan speed of your choice.

The AC plug on back cover also has a switch similar to a desk top computer.

The enclosure is a plastic Hammond enclosure, 1598J, available in black or gray.

If your running the Potentia 100 then only one Mean well supply is needed.  The Potentia 200 needs a little more then 7.5A so you'll need 2 supplies coasting at around 8A(4 on each)

Multus SDR will Provide the internal PCB to mount the supplies, along with front and back end plates.  A Digikey BOM link with be on the forum and links to other items like the meters too.  The L brackets and hardware for mounting the supplies to the PCB will provided.
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