50VDC Power Supply PCB Set

50V 7.5A Power Supply PCB Set
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This power supply uses 1 Mean well LRS-350-48 power supplies to provide 7.5A.  Front panel on the left has a 1A plug with 0-1A Panel meter for adjusting amplifier BIAS.  The center has a digital volt meter and ammeter with a 7.5 Power Pole plug.  The 1A side uses a rocker switch to enable or disable the 1A Panel meter.

Enclosure cooling is provided by 2 fans, one blowing in the other blowing out.  An off the shelf regulator is mounted to PCB that drops the 50V down to around 12V.  The voltage can be set to a quiet fan speed of your choice.

The AC plug on back cover also has a switch similar to a desk top computer.

The enclosure is a plastic Hammond enclosure, 1598J, available in black or gray.

If your running the Potentia 100 then only one Mean well supply is needed.

Multus SDR will Provide the internal PCB to mount the supplies, along with front and back end plates.  A Digikey BOM link with be on the forum and links to other items like the meters too.  The brackets and hardware for mounting the power supply to the PCB will provided.
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