ATU Port Expander Rev 5

Band and Antenna Switching Output Ports
The ATU Port Expander is a device that attaches to a Multus Basic or Proficio transceiver’s ATU port, interprets band data sent to it and selects a corresponding output port for the activation of relays (or other devices) such as a low pass filter relay(s). It also provides a separate output port for the activation of a two port remote antenna switch such as the MFJ-4712 (via a bias tee). Each output port is capable of sinking 350ma and has a maximum input voltage of 50V. The ATU Port Expander is well suited for driving inductive loads (relays).

*Compatible with ATU port of the Basic and Proficio transceivers.
*Six output ports (50V maximum voltage, 350ma per port).
*Rev 5 now has Mini DIN8 jack for band switching
*Separate antenna switch port.
*Port selection configuration via selection jumpers.

The ATU Port Expander is sold as a kit and contains SMT devices. A bare bones option is available that provides the PCB, programmed microprocessor and socket. A bill of material is available on our support forum.
Technical support and documentation is located at: Support:
Please do not use this website to obtain technical support. Requests for technical support via this website will not receive a response.
NOTE: These kits are produced at time of order. There is a two day lead time before shipping the kit.

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