UIA (USB Isolation Adapter)

Isolate USB devices
The UIA (USB Isolation Adapter) is a USB 2.0 (Full Speed, Low Speed) compliant device that provides complete isolation of a down stream USB device from the up stream host computer. Ground loops are eliminated. Host computer or device generated common mode noise and RF induced noise is significantly reduced or eliminated. It also provides 5000Vrms isolation between the host computer and the down stream device. Also 8KV of ESD protection is provided. The UIA provides these benefits using a number technologies.

1) An Analog Devices ADuM4160™ USB Digital Isolator provides USB isolation.
2) RF chokes are implemented on all voltage supply lines.
3) Separate ground planes have been implemented for both the up stream and down stream.
4) Power for the up stream and down stream devices are completely separated and independent.
5) 8KV ESD protection devices are attached to the USB data lines.

The UIA works with any 2.0 USB Full Speed or Low Speed device. It is the solution for USB connections that suffer with ground loop or noise problems.

The UIA is sold as a kit and contains SMT devices.
Technical support and documentation is located at: Support
Please do not use this website to obtain technical support. Requests for technical support via this website will not receive a response.
NOTE: These kits are produced at time of order. There is a two day lead time before shipping the kit.

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