Magnis Duo 5W Dual HF Band Transceiver

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Hammond 1455N1601 Enclosure for Magnis Duo
Magnis Duo SDR 160M -10M 5 Watts
Magnis Duo Enclosure
Multus orders these when and order is placed. Allow 4 days for shipping
Hammond 1455N1601 Enclosure for Magnis Duo
Magnis Duo SDR PCB Set
Sales Update:  Magnis DUO now comes with all SMD parts preinstalled and tested along with power circuit and some through hole parts.  Click on downloads tab for parts details.  Price change reflects added parts and labor.

Rev 4 PCB now only supports the Hammond enclosure with protective end caps.

The Magnis Duo is an updated version of the Magnis which was mainly an SMD parts radio. This version uses 90% through holes part for ease of assembly.  There are a few SMD 1206 capacitors and SOIC type IC's.  The Magnis Duo uses plug in BPF/LPF modules so band plan changing is very easy. The PA section is also updated to a RD16HHF1 for 5W output. The frequency coverage is 160M – 10M.
Below are some of the features:
•96kHz digital I/Q interface. No additional sound card needed. Only one USB connection is needed.
•Two tone, 2 kHz spacing, third-order dynamic range: 99 dB.
•Support for Elecraft T1 automatic antenna tuner.
•External Amplifier control via AMP port.
•CW Key Jack.
•DG8SAQ/PE0FKO/SoftRock control interface.
•Open Source firmware.
•Firmware Field Updates via on board USB boot-loader.

With these additional features:

• All bands. The Magnis Duo covers all bands from 160M to 10M.
• Enhanced receive. A RF amplifier is now in the RF front end that provides about 19db of gain at 10M and tapers down to about 0db at 160M
• Receive Band Pass Filters for all band groupings (160M,80M,40M-60M,20M-30M,15M-17M,12M-10M)
• The same BPFs are used in conjunction with Low Pass Filters in the transmit path to provide a clean output.
• 5W Class A PA. Clean output of 5W on all bands.
• Real CW. Supports zero latency CW. Software generated CW is not required.
• Back panel fan controller.  Temperature sensor,TC653, turns on at a predetermined temperature and increases speed at heat sink temperature rises.

The Magnis Duo is compatible with desktop MSCC and the Fortis Cube running MSCC.

The Magnis Duo is also compatible with all host SDR applications that work with the Basic (HDSDR, Genesis SDR, Quisk and others).

Continuous from 1.8MHz to 30MHz. (Lower sensitivity below 1.8MHz and between amateur bands)
Sensitivity: MDS: Average -123db. (-125db on 10M. -121db on 160M) ( MDS performance specifications for amateur bands only.)

Power Output: 5W, (transmit permitted on amateur bands only).
Spurious Emissions: Meets or exceeds FCC requirements (-43db from carrier).

Technical support and documentation is located at:
Please do not use this website to obtain technical support. Requests for technical support via this website will not receive a response.

Enclosure not included.  A 3D printed one is available


This is not a kit. Front and back panels to fit extruded aluminum Hammond 1455N1601 enclosure, filter module PCBs for all Bands.

Click downloads above for a price breakdown

Link to parts to complete build.

Link to filter module parts.

Link to parts available at Mouser.

There is a one to two business day lead time before shipping the kit.
Magnis Duo SDR 160M -10M 5 Watts
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