Geminus 2200M and 630M 1W Transceiver

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LF and MF 1W transceiver
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Hammond 1455N1601 Enclosure for Geminus
Geminus 2200M and 630M SDR
Sales Update:  All SMD parts are now installed along with USB circuit and DC jack.  Price reflects these changes.  Detailed list of parts in downloads

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This is not a complete kit.
Geminus SDR is a dual band radio for 2200M and 630M.  Power output is a clean 1W.  This radio has it's own onboard sound card with a USB connection to a computer for controlling it.
Compatible with Fortis Cube, desktop MSCC and several other host SDR programs like HDSDR.
Construction is mostly through hole parts with fine pitch IC pre-installed by Multus SDR.  To include, PSoC, Codec, Si5351, Crystals, several SMD Diodes.  USB jack and parts to test connection and installed hardware.
This auction is for PCB with above mounted components and front and back covers to fit and extruded aluminum enclosure.
For documentation and support join our groups io forum.

To review what is included:
1. Main PCB
2. Front panel and rear panel
3. Installed and Programmed PSoC
4. Installed PCM3060
5. Installed 24 and 25MHz crystals
6. Installed Si5351
7. Installed several Diodes/TVS
8. Installed USB components
9. Installed ULN2003
10. Toroids and BN cores
LF and MF 1W transceiver
Out of Stock
Geminus Enclosure
Multus orders these when and order is placed. Allow 4 days for shipping
Hammond 1455N1601 Enclosure for Geminus
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