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Proficio Enclosure Panels

The Proficio enclosure panels feature custom front and rear panels and cooling fan for an enclosure that may be ordered directly from a number of distributors. It is easy to assemble. 

Please choose during checkout if you want standard front panel or the MFC front panel

NOTE: This product includes only the front panel, rear panel and cooling fan.  For the enclosure, it may be obtained online from a number of suppliers.  Listed below is the part number for ordering the enclosure from Digi-Key or Mouser.  The cost is approximately $45.74 (plus shipping).  Click one of the links below to order the enclosure.

Digi-Key: HM2530-ND Enclosure
Mouser: 546-1402BV Enclosure
Hawk Electronics: 1402BV Enclosure

This reduces the lead time and cost. 

Technical support and documentation is located at: Support
Please do not use this website to obtain technical support. Requests for technical support via this website will not receive a response.
Proficio Transceiver Enclosure Panels
Mistsubishi RD6HHF1
These are genuine Mitsubishi parts purchased from a authorized Mitsubishi distributor in the USA.  Back in 2019 they removed the Mitsubishi icon if your questioning if they are authentic or not.

I need to limit the number to 2 per customer for now until I get a resupply which is supposed to be in this quarter.
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