MFC (Multi Function Controller)

Multi Function Controller for the Proficio Transceiver
The MFC (Multi Function Controller) is an optional accessory for the Proficio Transceiver.  It provides a more transitional method to operate the transceiver.  The MFC is easy to build and install. 
Features include:

  • 16x2 Display.  Displays frequency, switch function, operating mode, frequency step and transmit On/Off.
  • Three function switches.
  • Multi function tuning knob.  The knob may be configured to change frequency, volume or RIT offset. 
  • Tuning knob push button switch.  The tune knob has an internal switch that may be configure to control one of the various available functions.
  • Twelve operating functions.  A function may be assigned to any of the four control switches. The currently implemented functions are:
  • Frequency step,PTT On/Off ,TUNE On/Off,MODE Selection,RIT On/Off, Band Selection, Frequency/Volume control, CW Bandwidth, High Pass Filter Selection, RIT Tuning, Favorites Selection and No Function.
  • Individual connection for PTT.  This is convenient for attaching a foot activated PTT switch or other type of switch for activating PTT.

The MFC is compatible with Proficio PCB versions 4.3 and REV C (with a minor wire change).

NOTE: The Proficio enclosure is required for the MFC.  The MFC replaces the front panel with a front panel adapted for the MFC.

NOTE: A host computer with a USB 2.0 port and high quality USB (A/B) cable are required.  (The MFC will not function on a USB 3.0 port at this time). MSCC (provided by Multus SDR, LLC.) is also required to use the MFC. 

Technical support and documentation is located at: Support
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